Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a New Start

Here we go again, I'm going to blog. Blogging has been like a new year's resolution for me. I try, I stick with it for a few months, and then I fail. But this time I want to stick it out. I have motivation this time, I have been inspired. Out of the blue a friend of mine mentioned that she had checked out my blog and thought it was cool. Cool? My half-ass blog was cool? I was so surprised but so very flattered. That was a few weeks ago and now that comment has been haunting me. I have a reader, I officially have a reader and she commented. Not here but on facebook, I'm totally counting that! So now that I know someone out there thinks me and my blog are cool, I've got to uphold that image. And so I'm back!

Now that I am back I am remodeling around here. All of my previous attempts at blogging can be found at I can't bare to let all my old post and yet I can't handle them sticking around here. I get anxiety knowing that I have been inconsistent with this blog, and if I pick up where I left off there will be a big gap in the timeline. Do I pretend I wrote stuff and post date them? Or do I write a long catch up blog? Both don't seem right, it feels like cheating. I know, I'm weird like that, anxiety over a blog that only one person reads? And maybe that was the one time? Anyways, I'm starting new, and secretly holding onto the old.

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